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7 wise and progressive Things you must do in 2018

Just like every other year, this is a new year with new opportunities, joy, breakthroughs, victories, and on the other side failures, tears, defeats and obstacles. But hey! no one is destined to fail and success is a decision you must make.

I will state and explain seven things you must do in 2018, if you didn't do that in 2017.

Discover your extraordinary-self: Just like the bible says, "The gift of a man maketh way for him", my friend, millions of people die everyday without discovering what makes them super-human. Our gift is the superhuman in us and the light that illuminate our life. Take time, examine yourself and exploit.

Refine yourself: The beauty of a gold is not seen in its rawness. Taking time to work on your gift, gives it a better uniqueness. 

Bold step: Procrastination is the greatness enemy of productivity and a poison to dreams. You can not know judge your ability without taking on an opportunity or creating one.

Erase negativity: One of the most important weapon we have is the mind. When your mind is unproductive, you become unprogressive. 

Stay away from unproductive friends: The words you hear can affluence or indigence your life. The truth is, there are people that can poison your mind to poverty, if you keep them around in your life. 

Fear Not:  Have you asked yourself why God said this so many times in the bible? Because Failure is found in our fears.

You must not stay Idle: Even God is against Idleness, according to Matthew 20:6 which says "And about the eleventh hour He went out, and found others standing idle, and saith unto them, Why stand ye here all the day idle?". Not finding a job is not an excuse to be idle. You can create a job for yourself to help yourself with the little you have. 

It is more blessed to give than to receive: You shall see this in Acts 20:35b. Be you a righteous person or a sinner, the blessing attached to giving has nothing to do with your personal relationship with God. Everyone that give must receive.

Don't forget your source: The river that does not forget its source will never run dry. God is our source of existence.

Written by Kingsley Iwu

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