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The man used in a popular meme is a real person, See for yourself (Photos and video)

Here is it! There is a meme that has spread out on the social media which carriers the abnormal face of a man, making people think it is not a real face.

Many thought it is photoshopped, but according to what we have here, it is not. He recently left his family and the police was alerted to look  for him. When they finally found him, an emotional conversation between the police and the young man played out.

When the police told him his family have been in search of him, he said "They all hate me." 

The policemen told him that it is not true, that his family love him and that is why they are looking for him via police. When he was asked who he lives with, he said, "my sister." Then the police officers told him that his sister was on her way to take him home, he replied: "She's mad at me."

The policemen told him everyone's sibling gets mad at them from time to time, that its nothing, and he said: "I just had to take a break."

Looking afraid he said to the police officers, "You're not going to arrest me, are you?"

The police made him to swear he will not run away from home again when his sister arrived to pick him home.

Watch the video below.

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