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Man who almost died of Obesity after making goodbye video to his son unbelievably lost 158kg (Photos)

A man from Florida, Zach Moore, age 36, has shared a shocking photo of him after he gained victory from Obesity which almost took his life. Moore before his transformation weighed up to 209kg which was so risky for his health and he believed he would died and made a goodbye video to his son. Moore came to the reality of his health status after he was moved to the hospital in 2013, then and there, he agreed to his flaws and decided to work on his lifestyle in order to continue to father his son.

In relation to that he quit drinking fizzy drinks, reduced intake of sugar and stop smoking.

With the help from his wife, Amber, 30, he underwent gastric bypass surgery. He begin walking 10,000 steps a day. After two years of his exercise, he lost hugely 158kg but had 12kg of excess skin on his body. Moore had to go through more surgeries in order to remove it.

In an interview, he said: “It’s been worth every moment. It’s definitely given me access to different things I couldn’t do before like running, playing with my son, hiking, swimming and more.”

See more photos below;

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