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'We accept Corruption as a way of life, celebrate it and allow it to thrive' - VP, Osinbajo expresses sorrow

Reacting bitterly over the level of corruption in the country and how they are celebrated, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo expresses grieve.

Speaking at the Re-launch of THESEABILITIES Foundation and public presentation of 2016 Disability Report on Inclusion, VP Osinbajo said that the height of poverty in the country is as a result of corruption driving the country into deep mess.

He expressed sorrow on how Nigerians welcomed corruption as a way of life and even go the length of celebrating them in the country.

“The reason corruption is so prominent in our society is because we accept it as a way of life, celebrate it and allow it to thrive”, the VP lamented. 

“With this kind of attitude, we can not take our rightful place in comity of nations because it is the major reason for poverty in our society. 

“We have capacity to fight it but if that capacity is privatized and some people take it away and use it for themselves we can not make progress”. 

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