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Wahala dey! Canadian Model goes partially blind after getting a trending eye tattoo (Photos)

A 24-year-old model and former pet nutritionist from Canada, Catt Gallinger, after getting a sclera tattoo around her eye which changes the colour of the eye, she is currently experiencing  bad effect as it has bring open her partial blindness, according to UKsun.

The kind of tattoo (Sclera modification) which doctor injects a liquid into the eyeball to change the person's eye from white eye is turning to be a trend among tattoo lovers.

The lady got a purple a purple eye after injection and Catt had to return to the hospital to get herself checked which she got a dose of antibiotic drops and she later got a steroid drops. However, after three weeks, she continued to experience pain and blur vision and a purple liquid showing up around her cornea.

Catt who said she went for it to “make me feel more at home in my body”, but is currently sending warning to everyone to stay far from such. The model said she has spent hundreds of dollars on medical solution and has suspended her modelling jobs. However, her surgeon and doctors have openly told her that her eye vision can not be resolved. Now she is telling everyone to stay away from such tattoo.

Doctors were also concerned that the equipment was not sterile and that there is an infection stuck in with the excess ink, she said

As Catt hopes it does not get severe, the forecast of her eye reveals that it will either “go completely or stay a blurry mess”. Surgeons disclosed that her sclera tore from the size of the needle, quantity of ink inserted and deepness.

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