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Troops will provide free medical care to host communities - Army to carry out Crocodile Smile II in N/D

The Nigerian Army is preparing to carry out the second exercise of Operation Crocodile Smile in the Niger Delta region to quell gangsters in the area. 

It can be remembered that the first phase was carried out in the region last year.

Colonel Aminu Ilyasu, Spokesperson of 6 Division of the Nigerian Army, Port Hacourt, revealed yesterday in a statement that the operation will deploy highly skilled soldiers on land and marine, explaining that the military men will be more civil with the people of the area.

“It will also avail troops the opportunity to sharpen their combat skills in the conduct of land-based as well as joint riverine operations,” he said. 

He further said that the operation will start action from October 7 and discontinued on October 28, urging the people of the area to cooperate with them.

He explained that the military will provide medical services and carry out sanitation exercises in some of the area of the region.

“The exercise is intended for troops to practice administration, operational, logistics as well as civil-military cooperation aspects in a military operation such as the provision of free medical care to host communities, Quick Impact Projects, QIP, and the conduct of sanitation exercises to be undertaken by the troops for the benefit of their host communities and distribution of educational materials to schools as part of Corporate Social Responsibility, CSR, “ he added. 

“The exercise  also aims at imparting on the troops,  the importance of equipment maintenance, reconnaissance, inter-service and inter-agency cooperation, effective application of the Nigerian Army Code of Conduct as well as strict adherence to Rules of Engagement, ROE, proffer handling of Internally Displaced Persons, IDPs,  captured or surrendered hostile elements in line with international best practices,” he said.

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  1. Hmmm.Military with their oprration names.may be we go hear operation Lion eats

  2. Hmmm.Military with their oprration names.may be we go hear operation Lion eats