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Police Inspector killed by angry mob over N50 bribe in Adamawa

Adamawa State Police Command attested to the reports that angry mob murdered a police inspector on Thursday along the Wuro-Dele-Pariya Road in Girei Local Government area of the state.

SP Othman Abubakar, the command's Spokesman explained that it was as a result of dispute between routine patrol team and some bus passengers.

Abubakar said the dispute moved the deceased inspector to release on fire, killing one of the passengers.

The inspector was mob quickly to death after he shot dead the passenger, revealing that the police had already taken care of his corpse and weapons. 

Following the event that played out, an eyewitness who disclosed himself as Sadiq, told Newsmen that the incident occurred as a result of bribe involving 50.

He said the policemen insisted on collecting N100 while the driver was offering him N50.

Sadiq said the deceased passenger tackled them which raised to an angered argument that resulted to shooting down of the passenger.

“Angry about what happened, a mob attacked the inspector who was trying to escape and lynched him,” Sadiq said.

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