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Oh My G! Man seeks $5,000 from his wife's lover after he caught them bonking

A man, Tichaona Chabata met the shock of his life when he got home and stumbled on his wife, Marvellous Kwesa making love with her lover, Terry Mutetiwa in his home.

Chabata has asked his wife's lover, Mutetiwa to pay a compensation fee of $5,000 for damaging his marriage

After the $5,000, Mutetiwa provided a free transport for Chabata, Zimbabwean to leave South Africa without his wife.

Metutiwa told H-Metro;

“Yes I was in a relationship with Kanetsa while her husband was in SA, but we have since ended things and signed an agreement stating that I will be giving Chabata compensation for dating his wife.

“Today (yesterday) I am giving him $104 for busfare he used from S.A. to come here so that we could settle the issue.

“However he took my hat which he said I would get back after negotiating with his relatives on the amount which I should pay him,” said Muted..

Chabata told his side of the story how he caught his wife;

“I got wind from my relatives and friends that my wife was skating on thin ice as she was dating several men in town. I then returned and set a trap on her that is when I confronted her and she confessed to dating Mutetiwa.

“She just apologised to me and we have since mended our differences.”

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