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Meet Hopeless girl who wanted dimples, underwent messy botched piercing and was covered with blood

For all the sake of getting dimples, a 17-year-old has thrown herself into a mess after she underwent a dangerous piercing that sorely went brutal on her. 

The nightmare piercing made her face to swell up after it stayed four days in her  and even three weeks later, it was still the same with no sign of getting well following the botched processes carried out on her.

Caitee, a mum-of-one, told 98FM’s Dublin Talks:

“I wanted dimples and I was sitting in a bed one night wondering how to get them and I came across the piercing shop.
“They got a needle and put it through my face and then put a bar in it.
“There’s two balls on each end, one the inside of my cheek and one on the outside and they’re screwed on to stay in place.”

Caitee, however, explained that she immediately started experiencing hard times on her cheek and was having the feeling she was going to die.

What the shop owner said after Caitee cried out to him;

‘It’ll be grand, it’s grand, just do the other side’.
After the procedure was concluded and Caitiee went home, the piercing started bleeding every time she moved.

“When I woke up the next day the whole side of my face was swollen, even my chin, I couldn’t touch my face.

The piercing also affected her lip as blood began to gush out. Caitee visited the hospital for medical assistant, but the doctors disagreed to unpierced her, explaining that it was not inserted well and could cause more trouble for her.

The doctors told her to meet the piercer , revealing that she may be experiencing burst blood vessel.

Caitee disclosed that the piercer disagreed with her, saying it was not his fault.

“When I sent him the pictures of it bleeding I was saying I was freaking out, I didn’t know what had happened to my face.
“I just got a message back saying ‘I pierce through thousands of blood vessels everyday, so how could it be that?’

The  injury has left her with a scar and she feel it's disgusting;

“All I wanted was dimples.”

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