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Man shares Shock after finding drugs inside tubers of Yams he was to deliver abroad (Photos)

An Edo man shares his shock after he discovered drugs inside tubers of yam he was told to deliver outside the country.

He revealed this through his Facebook account by uploading a video.

He said that they told him that the receiver is eagerly in need of them

He said:

He said: “When I saw sand on it I said we cannot carry sand to abroad that we must wash out the sand. As we were washing the sand we now detect water was coming out from up, meaning there’s hole inside. As we washed carefully we now see some needle. As we pulled everything, there was drug inside.”
“We thank God for the intelligence God has given to us for us to discover this kind of thing. This is something that could put you in jail. Men are wicked, we have to be careful,” he said, warning people to always check whatever they are given to deliver to someone while traveling abroad.

See photos and video below;


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