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"If two people are in a marriage and are not sexually compatible, it's hell fire" - Freeze talks about Marriage

Radio personality, Freeze shares his thought concerning husbands that keep side chics, saying men should stay away from having side chics that it can destroy the man's marriage. 

Freeze in an interview at Linda Ikeji TV, see the extract below;

When asked if men should have side chics, he said;

"No. It's a very wrong approach especially if you want to have a monogamous relationship,I would never advise any guy to have a side chic because it's going to destroy the trust your wife has for you unless she's the one that approves you to have a side chic."

When asked if the wife never get aware of the husband cheating, he said;

"There's nothing you are hiding that cannot come to light. You can't live a lie. It's either you let your woman know and ask her if she can deal with it. I doubt any woman will give a go-ahead."

He was asked how necessary is sex in a marriage, he said;

"95%. To me, I'm not an expert on marriage or sexuality, but I know that if two people are in a marriage and are not sexually compatible, it's hell fire. If you want to be with your woman six times a week and she wants to just once a week, you people will be fighting. You will not be happy. I know people that can sleep with their wives 7 times a week and not get tired. You'll have a side chic. Sexual compatibility is very important." 

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