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“I have healed so many people, from blindness, paralysis..' - Majid Michel reveals miracles he has done

Ghanaian popular actor, majid Michel, while speaking to Starr FM's Bola Ray on Wednesday, revealed all about his life after he answered God's call in his life. The actor turned preacher who always use his Instagram page to share the word of faith to his followers said he is really walking toward his destiny after answering the calling.

Majid said he has healed many people through the power of the holy spirit.

 “I have healed so many people, from blindness, paralysis and others in Kenya, Uganda, Cameroun, Sierra Leone and even in Ghana recently. People got healed, sicknesses go. People with blindness, rotten eyes and others have received their healing. I don’t do the work myself; if it’s the will of God it will happen,” Majid stated. 

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However, he later disclosed that the highest money he has ever been paid in his acting career was $35,000 in Ghana.

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