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How God rescued my Family from the deadly Atomic-Gas Explosion -- Attorney-General

Attorney General of Ghana, Madam Gloria Akufo shares how God saved her daring family from highly deadly Madina-Atomic junction gas explosion which took about six lives.

She explained that her family at home was few blocks away from the gas fill station when the explosion took place.

Madam Akufo said they her children were wise enough to quickly move away from the house to a place around East Legon to keep their lives saved.

 “I traveled for a funeral and came late only to meet the gas explosion. I thanked God for my life and for my old lady who was around at that time in my house”, the Attorney General told journalists on Sunday. 

She explained that she would have been the main victim of explosion, revealing that she always stop their to fuel her car.

Yesterday in Atomic junction close to University of Ghana, two filling stations caught up in deadly explosion after the Mansco filling station exploded.

The explosion consumed several businesses close to the gas station and chased residers out of their homes for safety.

45 persons has been confirmed terribly injured while six were found dead.

The fire that erupted from the explosion consumed about 20 vehicles.

The Attorney-General who escorted the President of Ghana to the site disclosed that the intense fire claimed some of properties.

“The colour of my house has changed to black, my some of my sliding doors and ceiling have broken”, she revealed. 

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