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Don't squeeze her breast like a mango or orange, handle it with care - Doctor cautions men

Breast Care International President, Dr. Beatrice Waife-Addai has strongly advised men to handle their woman's breast with caution, saying it is a important part of her body.

Following the awareness of breast cancer every year in October, Dr. Waife-Addai revealed to Morning Starr host, Francis Abban that the public thought that says sucking of woman's breast reduce the risk of cancer is false.

“It is not true that the more you suck a woman’s breast it prevents the risk of getting breast cancer. What is true is that women who have children should breastfeed, and breastfeeding has some positive effect on the woman as far as breast cancer is concerned. But not adult men to go and suck the breast thinking it will protect the woman from breast cancer, that is not true, it is very fragile so let’s handle it with care…don’t squeeze it like you have some mango or orange that you are squeezing to get some fluid out,” Dr. Wiafe-Addai counselled.

The doctor encouraged men to stand by their woman and fight cancer, instead of leaving them.

“If you find something in a woman’s breast don’t send her to her family home because she has been diagnosed of breast cancer. Give her all the morale even if not financial. So that she knows that someone is with her through the fight. The fight against breast cancer is not an easy one so women need all the support from men, society and the nation,” she noted.

Raheema Quaye narrates how her husband chased her away after she was diagnosed with cancer.

“My husband told me to pack and our three children to pack out because he thought Breast Cancer was contagious when I informed him about it. I packed out and informed my relatives about it, but at a point they also abandoned me on reasons that they were going to get infected as well and even brainwashed my own children to abandon me,” she narrated on the Morning Starr with Francis Abban.

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