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Declaring IPOB as a terrorist group is a prove that you want to enslave them - Pat Utomi

An experienced political economist and former presidential aspirant, Prof. Pat Utomi, has strongly stood against the declaration of Indigenous People Of Biafra, IPOB by the Nigerian military and federal government as a terrorist organisation, explaining that Nnamdi Kanu might be offensive with choice of words but it is not any way close terrorism.

The politician  while reacting to the Federal Government’s categorisation at a function at Holy Cross Cathedral in Lagos, strongly argued that as a democratical country, people has the legal backing to express themselves.

 He said:

 “People have the right to say they’ve been unjustly treated. To take away that right from them is to say you want to enslave them. When you talk about modern slavery, it’s the most grievous violation of human rights in the 21st century.

“I’ve not seen what terror they (IPOB) have committed. They are not, I repeat, quote me anywhere, any day, they are not a terrorist organisation.

“That’s just a political thing. It doesn’t make sense  which way you look at it. It’s just a political thing. You can carve any name, you can be IPOB or ITOT, it’s just a name.”

“Nigeria is going through a necessary and interesting phase of its evolution as a country. I am not one of those unduly worried about the things going on in the country. They are part of the thesis and anti-thesis that will produce synthesis that is a nation.’’

When the Politician was told to send words of advise to the country's leaders, he said:

“That we all seek God’s blessings for all, no one is a child of a lesser God. And as those who wrote that piece of play has said, our arms are too short to box with God. I wish peace to all, progress to all, growth of abundance mentality, human charity that leads to accommodation.”

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  1. Moses Dike10:02 am

    This are men with words of truth... Igbos can't be enslaved by Hausa fools

    1. Anonymous10:05 am

      The fools you call them have already enslaved you people