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Check out highly expensive lifestyle of Samuel Eto'o and his luxury Private jet, Cars (Photos)

Cameroonian footballer, Samuel Eto'o has openly show off his taste of lifestyle as he owns series of highly expensive cars in the world right now. The former Barcelona striker in a year spent over 4 million pounds in purchasing cars.

He is the owner of a Bugatti Veyron valued at 1.5 million euros, Aston Martin One -77 which also costs over a 1 million pounds, also owns models of Rolls Royce and a Maybach. 

Samuel Eto'o who is a four-time African best player and holds a 100 millions euros networth travels round the world with his luxury private  jet.

He is the own of a telecom company called Set Mobile and he got himself a18 million euros mansion in Italy. He aslo built a world class academy.

See series of car the African player owns below;


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