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Andres Iniesta agrees first ever unusual contract agreement with Barcelona

Captain of Barcelona side, Andres Iniesta, has been left to rest all his time in the club after the 33-year-old midfielder on Friday agreed to sign the first ever lifetime contract in the history of the Spainish club.

“It is a way of rewarding an exceptional player,” said Barcelona president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

The player explained that he never planned to embark on a role at the club in the nearest future after his career as a player.

“The lifetime title doesn’t mean that I will remain here just for the sake of it. It isn’t my way of doing things,” said Iniesta.

“When I don’t have the same force or importance I have always had things can always change.

“Today I am hugely grateful for the confidence the club has shown in me.”

Standing with Messi, Iniesta is the most decorated player of all-time in Barcelona after lifting 30 trophies at club level, adding 4 Champions League and 8 La Liga titles.

The player is second to Xavi Hernandez club appearances with 639 ever since 15 years ago he made his debut for Barcelona.

“There is no other player in the club like him. He will be a reference for future generations,” added Bartomeu.

“I always say to the kids in the academy, to fixate on him as a player and a person.”

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