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3 U.S soldiers and 4 Nigerian forces murdered by Terrorist group

Three U.S soldiers and four Nigerian soldiers were murdered in an attack in Southwest Niger earlier this week near the border with Mali, according to the Defense Ministry on Friday.

The ministry made updates concerning the ambush that occurred at the conflict on Thursday, explaining that the U.S side had already taken record of their deceased soldiers.

Two U.S soldiers who were training the Nigerian troops on how to war against extremists and 8 other Nigerian forces sustained injuries following the attack.

The joint patrol was ambushed by terrorist elements in a dozen vehicles and on 20 motorbikes,” Niger’s Defense Ministry said in a statement. 

Niger's President Mahamadou Issoufou revealed while addressing the issue that the terrorist group claimed “a significant number of victims.” 

“Our country has once again been the victim of an attack by terrorist groups,’’ Issoufou said in a speech on Thursday at the opening of an economic forum in the capital Naimey. 

Two wounded servicemen have been moved to Germany for treatment, U.S Africa Command says.

The hit from the terrorist group al-Qaeda occurred around 200 kilometres north of Niamet, close to border of Mali.

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