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Mayweather's father, Floyd Sr, Blast Justin Bieber following his issues with his son

KINGSLEYIWU.com.ng formerly reported that Mayweather is angry with Justin Bieber for separating himself, also unfollowed him on Instagram after surrendering his life to Christ.

However, Mayweather's father, Floyd Sr, says he is not sure if the two can settle following the vexation Mayweather carry for Justin. He further said that Justin need to be real, insisting that because Justin claims to have repented doesn't mean his son will also repent.

The message reads:

Floyd’s still the same guy who had your back in the past, you shouldn’t push him away now. But will Bieber get an invite to the Mayweather vs. McGregor after-party? “He might,” Floyd says … “It’s a maybe.”

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