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Married Crippled man tells touching and Inspiring story of how he take care of his family

A physically challenged Nigerian man, age 35, who works two stressful jobs in other to prevent himself from begging like many other like him. He said he vowed not beg for money.

The crippled man, named Sani Labaran, a.k.a Sani Abacha, who is said to be married with two kids, is the one that monetary take care of his family by controlling traffic and driving tricycle(Keki Napep in Lagos where he resides with his family.

Read what he shared below:

I have been in Lagos for the past fifteen years. I was a bicycle repairer before then and came here to hustle.Due to my decision not to beg, I started controlling traffic. I’ve worked around Guiness road, Toyin Street, Olowu and Eko Idumota. Some people give me money when they see me working.I have been disabled for as long as I can remember. If I wasn’t, I would have loved to be a soldier. But with things being this way, I still struggle to survive.I have a wife and two children who are in Zamfara with my parents. Asides helping the community to manage the traffic, I also drive a Maruwa. It is not mine so I pay N1500 to the owner from the 3K or N3500 I make daily. What is left after fueling it is what I take home.I dream of owning a Maruwa and be empowered someday. My name is Sani Labaran, my friends call me Sani Abacha. I am 35 years old and come from Gumi local government area of Zamfara.

This is my story.

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