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Horrific gang rape carried out on an 18-year-old female student

Four male students from Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo city, and Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State have been arrested for allegedly raping one 18-year-old female student, according to Vanguard.

One of the rapists, Solomon Timilehin, who is her boyfriend had a long quarrel and vowed to deal with her after he discovered that she has gotten a new boyfriend.

The other accused rapists, Adetuyi Olakunle, Olagbaju Tobi, Adeyemi Adebisi and Eric Nwage got involved in the act after Timilehin provided entry for them, using one barber's room who is the friend to her boyfriend.

One of the rapists arranged himself like a peacemaker between Timilehin and the 18-year-old victim, invisiting her to the barber's room as the location to carry out their evil desires.

The police disclosed that the rapists threatened to stab her to death if she disagree with their advances.

One of the rapists confessed he recorded the rape with the intention of using it as a threat to make her shut her mouth to the police or the school authorities.

However, she kept it secret so that the video won't go viral, not until she disclosed to her friend who later reported to the school authorities which apprehended them on after the other.

Olakunle who recorded the video said: 

“I recorded the video so that the girl will not be able to tell anyone. I was afraid that she might report to school authorities if the scene was not recorded.” 

Timilehim, 200l, sociology student, said:

“She called me when I was in the classroom that she wanted to see me; I have not seen her for a while. I took her to the house of one of my friends so that we can settle our differences.

“Eventually, when we were in the room, one of my friends called her and was doing a lot of things to her. Later we agreed to have ‘fun’. As we were having fun, one of my friends came in, he had sex with her. The second one came, later the third and fourth came to make love to her. I was not feeling fine when they were having sex with her.”

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