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Divorced woman drags parents to court for being Ugly and demanded huge amount

A California woman, age 44, Annabelle Jefferson, is dragging her parents, Roberts Jefferson, 82 and Ruby Jefferson, 76, to court for $2 million after blaming them for being ugly.

After coming out from three marriages, Annabelle faulted her parents for her ugly face and physique, saying she has pushed her into psychological problems and depressions.

"Both of my parents are so damn ugly, it is simply cruel to have had kids. There is no way they should have been allowed to reproduce themselves"

Following her first divorce, Annabelle Jefferson, disclosed that her husband revealed to the judge during their divorce hearing that he gets disgusted every morning he sees her face.

"During my first divorce, my ex-husband told the judge that every morning he saw my face, he felt nauseous and often had to run to the bathroom and puke"

On her last third divorce with husband, she said: My last husband was technically blind but regained 40% of his sight after a successful eye surgery. He divorced me the next week"

Annabelle is currently trying to start an organization to bring together all people like her to sue their ugly parents too.

She is currently trying to persuade the state department very soon to pass legislation on ugly people not to be allowed to give birth, in other not to let their children suffer what she is currently facing.

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