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Decency is the notion of beauty

We are in a world where beauty had been taken to different dimensional sides. Beauty has been fashioned in it quantified way by different individuals. 

Beauty is the methodology of creativeness and artisanship. Everyone wants to be beautiful and the bible declares the Creator as the most beautiful Being. 

The world is conducive atmospherically by the nature of it beauty and the extra creativity by the hands of men promoting it endowing beauty.

But the purpose of this article is to address the meaning of beauty in the heart as many who had mistaken the concept of beauty on human appearance.

Yes! The way you look addresses the way you should be handled in the public. My friends, beauty is a good message that promotes inspirational conduciveness.

When a lady dresses beautiful, she automatically attracts love and destroys lust in the heart of the opposite sex. Beautiful dressings package a good intention and attention. 

Lust is the product of seductiveness and there is a different between dressing seductively and dressing beautifully. When a woman dresses in a way to seduce the onlookers, then she has lost the concept of beauty and has pass a wrong message to the heart of her onlookers.

Decency plays a big role in the appliances of beauty and it takes away lust. Seduction and attraction seems to be the same, but most times passes different messages. For seductiveness is keen to lust, while attraction is modification of beauty.

Dress beautifully, not seductively. Thank you

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