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6 ways to enhance your self-esteem when it matters most

1. Live for now

Understanding about life is very important to go by it, else you will always look back at your shadows. Failures of yesterday is an experiential tool to overcome today.

Have in mind that everyday gives you a big opportunity to make great success in life and only when you begin to start believing in yourself and forgetting about the failures of yesterday, you will never overcome today.

Yesterday is a story, Live for today.

2. Make others happy

How do you feel when someone makes you happy? i know you will have a great feeling about the person.

Making others happy enhances how valuable you become to them.

3. Don't forget to wear a smiling face

Smile is always an invitation everyone will always accept. Smiling with others will always make them feel comfortable around you and it will help you get more self-esteem.

4. Make others feel very important

Nobody will value you if you always make them feel inferior. Make others feel great about themselves.

Tell others how wonderful they are and it will make them say nice things about you as well, which will increase your self-esteem.

5. Always take care of yourself

You need to always make yourself accommodating in other to enhance your self-esteem. Nobody wants to be around a person that is unkempt, unclean.

6. Be useful to yourself and others

We are in a world where everyone wants a person that will add value to their lives. Everyone has a gift. It is your duty to find out what you know how to do best and use what you can do to earn respect for yourself.

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