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US scientists Totally cured HIV for the first time in History

Showing a promising success for human against HIV, scientists used CRISPR gene-edting to heal living animals having HIV.

This virus has seen kept scientists busy as finding the cure is their most priority.

By results on this animals, US scientists are confirming that they can totally erase HIV DNA from human cells attached into mice. It can also prevent further infection.

According to history, it is ever the first time scientists got to this level of promising cure for humans by complete delete on animals.

'Our new study is more comprehensive,' Dr. Hu said.

'We confirmed the data from our previous work and have improved the efficiency of our gene editing strategy. We also show that the strategy is effective in two additional mouse models, one representing acute infection in mouse cells and the other representing chronic, or latent, infection in human cells.'

Three groups of mice were tested by the scientists team, but they got success on their third try.

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'During acute infection, HIV actively replicates,' Dr Khalili explained.

'With EcoHIV mice, we were able to investigate the ability of the CRISPR/Cas9 strategy to block viral replication and potentially prevent systemic infection.'

'These animals carry latent HIV in the genomes of human T cells, where the virus can escape detection,' Dr. Hu explained.

'The next stage would be to repeat the study in primates, a more suitable animal model where HIV infection induces disease, in order to further demonstrate elimination of HIV-1 DNA in latently infected T cells and other sanctuary sites for HIV-1, including brain cells,' Dr. Khalili said.

'Our eventual goal is a clinical trial in human patients.'

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