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Two alleged bomb-makers have been killed

The Interior Ministry, on Saturday 6, disclosed the killing of two suspected armed men alleged bomb makers, as the security forces in area north of Cairo had a gun shoot-out with them.

A statement disclosed the two men, aged 25 and 44, were "responsible for manufacturing and transporting explosives to armed groups affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood".

The brotherhood which is seen to be a peaceful organisation was banned by the government after President Mursi was overthrow as the Brotherhood candidate, in 2003. According to the ministry, they group were Hasm and Lewaa al-Thawra.

Even though Hasm was not widely known by the people, he killed three policemen in Cairo on Monday and has carried out other attacks for the last few years.

As Egypt is currently experiencing serious insurgency attacks around the country as they have bombed and killed more than 70 people since December. 

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