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Ghanaian Workers should Stop Praying....-- Kwesi Patt

According to local media, managing Editor of insight newspaper, outspokenly showed gratitude to president Nana Akufo-Addo for advising workers to positively increase their attitude and mentality towards work.

The May Day celebration speech President Akufo-Addo  gave on Monday at the independence square, "if the nation is going to make the changes [that] we all want, then we have to start with a change in attitude to work.”

The president further said: “We arrive at work late and then spend the first hour in prayer; we are clock watchers and leave in the middle of critical work, because it is the official closing time. Everything comes to a stop when it rains and we seem to expect the rest of the world also to stop.”

Following the President's speech, Kwesi Pratt on Peace FM's strongly supports him, “hit the nail right on the head”.

He further said some workers instead increases, “lackadaisical attitudes”  and are found doing, “wasteful activities that erode the country of productivity”.

According to Ghana web, He was bewildered on how workers would pray for an hour, instead of increasing their productivity.

“There’s a place of work where from morning, when they’re expected to start work, they will be doing morning devotion for one hour.

“They will be clapping hands and singing hallelujah for one hour, in the afternoon too – afternoon prayers – another one hour and when they are about to close too – closing prayers – one hour. So, they take three hours out of the eight hours we need to work.”

Looking at the president's comments it is depicted that the government are trying to change the mindset of workers in Ghana and the way the handle religion in work place and time.

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