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12-year-old proves to be better than Einstein and Hawking

Rajgauri Pawar, 12 year-old, who is yet to be a teen has shown she is smarter than Professor Stephen Hawking or Albert Einstein.

In the Popular Mensa Intelligence Quptient(IQ) test, the 12-year-old from Cheshire in Northern England prove to be better by scoring 162.

Nevertheless, Einstein and Hawking never did the test, but according to experts, they would have scored 160 if they sit for the test.

"Rajgauri's score of 162 certainly puts her at the top end of the top one percent of Mensa scores across the world.", a spokeswoman for British Mensa told Xinhua on Tuesday.

The benchmark score to be called a genius is 140, but she did the impossible.

 "I was a little nervous before the test, but it was fine and I'm really pleased to have done so well.",Rajgauri told local media in Britain.

"This wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of her teachers and the support which my daughter enjoys every day at school.", Her father, Surajkumar Pawar said.

Altrincham Grammar school for Girls in South Manchester is happy and proud of the 12-year-old following her wonderful performance.

"Everybody is delighted. She is a very well-liked student and we all expect great things from her.",Her maths teacher, Andrew Berry, said.

Mensa test has very high regard in the world today as it is very exclusive.

The mission of Mensa which is to test  and improve human intelligence for the help of humans was founded in 1946 in Oxford , by Lancelot Lionel Ware ad Roland Berrill

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