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Woman Sold Her 14-year-old Daughter To Help Her Family From Starvation(see details)

A Somalian woman gave out her child in other to collect bride price of $1,000(N303k) last year, because of the high level of starvation in Southern Somalia.

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Woman named Abdir Hussein discloses the high level of starvation her family was facing as she was speaking with the reporter. She said she gave out her 14-year-old daughter, Zeinab, to an older man who purposed the bride price in other to help her family's condition.

According the Abdir, her and her family can travel to Dollow, a somali town where food and water is given to helpless families in Ethiopian border as the money given to her is enough to take them there.

Zeinab could not hold on to her refuser as the starvation was too on them and she was forced by the mother into marrying him. Now, the family will have to travel to Dollow while Zeinab will stay with her husband.

 Abdir discloses the pain in her decision, Abdir said: "I felt so bad. I ended the dreams of my baby. But without the money from the dowry, we would all have died.

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