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Unbelievable 7 Powerful Currencies in Africa


Libya is no doubt the richest oil blessed land in Africa and possesses the huge oil reserves.  Libyan dinar lost some value due to it recent conflict, yet 1$ =1.39 dinar


As it stands, Ghana is surprisingly the only west African country among the list. Ghana recently discovered oil in it land and it has soon assisted the economy. 1$ =4.30 Ghanaian cedis.


Sudan is known for oil export, agriculture and fishing. It may look unbelievable, Sudan has a big mark in the current Africa. Sudanese pounds is currently exchange for 6.72 against 1 dollar.


As it may be amazing to see Zambia among this list. Zambia is known for it tourist attraction and as it stands currently, that's where the government get it revenue. It Zambian kwacha exchange for one dollar is 9.84.


With agriculture, tourism and manufacturing, Moroccan stands among the giant economy in Africa. One dollar is exchange for 10.06 Moroccan dirham

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Botswana is globally known for mining and cattle ranching, and that is where the government gets most revenue. They deserve some credit. Currently, one dollar is exchange for 10.52 pula.


South Africa is indisputably one of Africa's biggest economies. Due to the current global economy crisis, there have been a fall in it currency value. At the moment, it exchange value to one dollar is 13.42 Rand.

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