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Heroic Dog saves Wedding celebration from Suicide Bomber in Maiduguri

Right in MAIDUGURI, Nigeria. A suicide bomber had mission impossible, as a dog troubled her until her explosive device detonated, killing the dog along with her, says the officials.

According to Ahmed Buba, the guests are so much thankful for the sacrificially efforts the Dog displayed that saved their lives in Belbelo village, northeastern city in Maiduguri.

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Ahmed also said the teenage bomber was approaching the wedding ceremony along with other villagers when suddenly the dog attacked her on Sunday morning

Victor Isuku, the police spokesman on Wednesday made affirmation to the press that he dog actually saved lives on that day.

According to reports, multinational force has chased out Boko Haram fanatics from most towns and villages in northeastern region in Nigeria, but it seem clear that the fanatics have deployed suicide bomber strategies on vulnerable small gatherings.

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