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7 Signs You are Prepared for Greatness

This is a serious topic to write on. As it can touch so many areas in a person's life.  Anyone can be great. There is no person who was born not to be great. Greatness is simple when you are excellent in your area of profession and it takes those with the mindset of greatness to be great.

It is good to wait for your time, but it is better and wiser to prepare and work for the time. Lets go ahead and point-explain certain leading signs of greatness:

1. You have A Roof Under your Head

This can be out of it for some people, because i have seen homeless people who later became successful and great. But i am bringing this in, because good platform is certainly a balance table to draw a plan. It is like having a good seed under an unfruitful soil, or lighting a fire on a wet wood. As we need a office to do and negotiate business, so we need a roof under our heads to be able to search out ideas at night. A homeless man is more concern about seeking a roof, and why is that? To be able re-address himself to be right state of mind and thinking to function effectively.

2. You Ate Today

No one need to dispute the fact that we all need food to function effectively. The brain works well on fed stomach, maybe that's why the rich gets richer. 

3. You Have A Good Heart

Greatness is not for thieves or conmen. Greatness is not determined by the accumulated wealth of a man. Greatness starts from the heart and it is enhanced from the heart. They are great men and women who have created great impact in the lives of multitude and their names brings inspiration to the people.

4. You Wish Good For Others

A man who have not planted himself in the ground of goodwill will never be found among the trees of goodness.

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5. You Chase Your Dream Everyday

No man sees his seed germinate to it matured level without frequently watering it. It takes you to be you, then God to be greater you. It is one thing to dream, it is another thing to work towards it.

6. You Try New Strategies

The brain is the most lazy part of the body, it will always do what you want; no matter how foolish or wise it is. If you don't think of new things to add to what you have already, the brain will not do that for you. It will always sit back and allow you order it. If you failed yesterday and you think of new strategies and keep trying wisely, expect your greatness.

7. You Are Breathing

Breathing is the greatest faith and hope one can ever have in life. You have breath in you, you have chances of greatness.

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