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7 Photos that looks very Strange and Unbelievable to be Real

This is so scary. I would probably think this to be in another world. This is not photoshopped. It is so real as it looks in Eastern China. It is called Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, which is the world's longest bridge over water.

You think it is corn? it must be an amazing and delicious kind of corn...lols. Yeah, the truth is.. this is actually a special and rare type of corn. It is called Glass Gem corn, which can be found Oklahoma. A particular farmer Carl Barnes is known for this by hybridizing several corn varieties.

This is nature's miracle. I think it should be a healing rock.

This is so beautiful, but really looks unbelievable. Sadly, it is no photoshopped.

This is freaky and unimaginably crazy. Like seriously, It's hard to believe this is not photoshopped.

Like seriously, this might look so fake, but i am sorry to shock you that it is as real as it looks. This is the finest works i have even seen by artist Berndnaut Smilde  as he is known with his experiments. He created the indoor clouds.

Well, according to research. It is unbelievably somewhere in this world. For me, it looks so strange to believe. But what will i do? lols

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