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5 Important Methods of knowing Fake Phone (photos)

1. Phone packing

When buying the phone of your choice, it is necessary to carefully examine the packaging. Some packaging may have been meddled with.

Good and original phones comes with secured and authentic packaging that will give some look of originality.

2. Phone unpacking

As you may choose to buy online, either from any foreign country anywhere around the world, but make sure you check the language details. The language has to correspond with the country you made the order from. If not, you have gotten a clone phone.

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3. User manual and indication language

If the User manual language and the indication language is also different from the language of the phone, then you should not go for it.

4. Right setting

When buying a phone, it is important to check the charging point, ringer, mouth speaker and others correctly.

5. RAM checking

They are many phone carrying fake RAM, and you will discover that after seeing 1gb, yet the RAM is not carrying the supposed capacity according to the displayed RAM. You will even experience hanging even as you have little apps inside. 

You can download RAM checking apps on Playstore, so as to see the true RAM. 

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