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Religion: In Australia, 1,100 people filed cases against the Anglican head church(see details)

 one of the abused victim

Sorrow and shame have filled the minds of the Australia's Anglican Church as government report shows that about 1,100 people filed cases of child abuse assault claims against the church in the space of 35years.

According to report published by interim on Friday(March 17) tells that most children at age 11 was most abused and this report came a month after a report was told that, the Australian Catholic church had paid the sum of $276 million in compensation to multitude of victims since 1980.

According to report, so far: 569 Anglican clergy, teachers and volunteers have been identified as alleged abusers. Also, 133 alleged abusers were included, but couldn't define their roles in the church.

Melbourne Archbishop Philip Freier said he felt a “personal sense of shame and sorrow” at the way the church had apparently silenced victims.

“Anglicans have been truly shocked and dismayed (by) the scope of our failure to tackle child sexual abuse within the Church,” Freier, the church’s primate, said in a statement on its website.

According to the current royal commission report, 7% of catholic priests working in Australia between 1950 to 2010 were accused of child sex crimes, but only few was giving attention.

“It tells us that any processes we had in place did not prevent abusers working in our church, as clergy and lay leaders and, in the roles most trusted to care for our children, as teachers and youth workers,” church general secretary Anne Hywood told the inquiry.

“We are deeply ashamed of the many ways in which we have let down survivors, both in the way we have acted and the way we have failed to act,” she said.

why would this evil be happening in the church of God?

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