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Religion: According to survey, transgender attend church services more than heterosexuals(read details)

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According to report released last week, it shows that almost half of the transgender people who call themselves "evangelical" and "born again" are attending religious services regularly, compare to the heterosexuals.

What is this world turning into?

The dataset, titled, Cooperative Congressional Election Study offers, in the words of Denison University's Paul A. Djupe, an affiliate scholar with Public Religion Research Institute, "an unparalleled view at the gender identity and sexuality of Americans and American religion."

By reports, and working with a sample size of 65,000 people who identify as all kinds of sexual identities, 1,041 identified as transgender and 4,737 identified as either gay, lesbian or bisexual.

"Heterosexuals average attending just over "a few times a year," while gay men attend just under that mark," the findings show.

As this report was given, it is a every big question mark on the people who stand as Christians. If the transgenders can be going to church more than the people who claim to be the true worshippers, then there should be a very Big question mark.

By this report, it is clear that the heterosexuals are not doing enough to identify with the standards of true worship and steadfast. If the heterosexuals are occupying the church with their practices, then Christianity will fade out years to come, because righteousness is not conceived by the true worshippers. 

Now, the question will be: are the heterosexuals hearing the true preaching of salvation? if yes, why has it not change them? why are they comfortable with church attendance.

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