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Love is not complete if..

The taste of love is indeed sweet and wanting. Wherever there is love, there is perfection. Indeed all good things consist on Love, because even the bible says, "God is love and love is God."

I am yet to find the word and force stronger than love. I am yet to taste the bitter side of love. I am yet to find what can replace it. Love is the juice of the heart, that lightens up the soul and refines the mind with soundness.

If at all the fountain of love is no where be found in our heart, then the sea will not dance to the beats of the wind. The world would have no meaning whatsoever to build upon.

I write and write of the wisdom of this life as God has embedded in me. Wisdom is found in love. True wisdom bed along side with love. But in my quiet moment, i thought for a while and said to myself, Love is proportional. I didn't understand what i said, but my travelling thought took me round the tree of love, showing the fruits of it kind; tasting sweet. 

Having loved is great. But the vacuum of love erupts when love is not complemented. The word 'love' is quick to the mouth of all, but majority doesn't understand what love is; they don't know it fruit. And this particular misconception have caused heartbreaks, broken homes and other damages.

There are several marriages with unbalanced affections, and it has caused chaos. The truth is, love can not be pushed, it can not be forced. Many go into relationships with their selfish interest, neglecting the heart. The true backing of every relationship is triggering love from the heart which keeps it going; money is secondary. Without this, marriages will certainly break in due time, because whatever is not backed by love is definitely going down. 

Many marriages break up in the space of two years and even lesser. Mind you, my friends, divorce is not the only proof of broken marriage: many couples live together with divorced mind. Their togetherness doesn't bring love to them anymore. They feel more comfortable when their spouse is not with them. It all started from the beginning of misconception, unbalanced love, and selfish interest.

Love is certainly not proportional when it's not being complimented. True love never dies, or fades away.  Though, it can be troubledly shaken, but it will retain it ground in due time.

True love is understanding, hard work, tolerant, forgiveness, patience, and substantial communication put together. Without all this in Love, love would be stagnant.

True love builds and keeps a relationship. With true love, it can only grow stronger and better.

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