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Inspiring: She Lost a Daughter, Now she adopted and is feeding 800 Girls

Dr Sarojini Agarwal, now 80 years old, is ‘Maa’ to the multitude of girls and young ladies who live at Manisha Mandir, India.

Her eight-year-old daughter Manisha died in a road accident in 1978. The incident actually cost an unbearable pain for Dr Agarwal ever since. Why my child? The question nagged her persistently till, as Agarwal says, the answer finally came to her.

“I was lamenting the loss of one when there were so many other Manishas, homeless and unloved, looking for a mother. Perhaps I could give them a loving home,” she recalls.

After she lost her daughter, she took it(in a way to console herself) to shelter orphans and abandoned girls. According to her, it is a way to ensure her motherly love towards children.

Dr Agarwal also began hanging a crib, which she named ‘sanjeevan palna‘ or cradle of life near the gate of her home, Here, people could leave abandoned newborns, instead of leaving them on the streets.

“We have even taken in two-day-old baby girls. It would then occur to me that you need not give birth to a child to be a mother. When I would take those babies in my arms, my desire for a daughter would be satiated. Initially, I had to face some problems in bringing up the girls but I did not lose heart and continued to do everything I could to help them,” Dr Agarwal says, adding that it gave her the greatest pleasure to hear her girls call her ‘maa‘.

Dr Agarwal also ensures that the girls receive the best education they can ever get. To meet the huge expenses of the home, the Agarwals have built a large hall on the top floor of the building and lease it out for functions.

“Only good education can make the girls independent, which is so crucial for their self-confidence,We get them admitted to good and prestigious schools. Many of our girls have excelled in their studies and have secured good jobs,” she says, adding that her family have always lent all possible help. “They were always ready to do whatever they can and without their cooperation, I would not have been able to fulfill my commitment toward these girls.”
She has proven to be a mother indeed by this wonderful act.

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