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Inspiring: Security Guard for 20 years is about to become a teacher( see details)

Security guard who has worked for 20 years in St. Theresa's College in Cebu City , Erwin Macua is preparing along with the other students he guards for his college graduation.

Saturday is the graduation day for Macua's Bachelor of Elementary Education Major on General Education degree.

The father of 3, 38-year-old being a security guard is from Trinidad, Bohol and is studying and working as a guard.

"Age is not a hindrance, poverty is not a hindrance. Just pursue your dream with the formula: hard work plus determination plus prayer and you will reach your aspirations in life," Macua said.

With high aspiration, Macua poured out his desire to be teacher as he has always love children and is willing to help them.

"Education is a good course to deal with students and you can really change their lives," he said.

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At his first year in school, he pay with his little savings, but luckily for him, he got a sponsor that sponsored his rest years in school.

Macua plans to continue with his security job, while he pursues the licensure exams for teachers. He is an inspiration to his classmates.

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