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Inspiring: Man lost his usual right hand, yet went ahead to win Olympic gold medal in shooting(see details)

“Success in life is not for those who run fast, but for those who keep running and always on the move.”  so is the life of unimaginable Hungarian Champion shooter who won 2 Olympic gold medals with his magic left hand after loosing his usual right hand. His right hand was lost in an army training, when unexpected hand grenade blew off.

Despite the sad and unforgettable event, the born champion did not give up his dream. Instead he continued training with his left for the space of one year before i got to used to it.

It was time for Hungarian Shooting championship event in 1939, which he was there to compete in the stadium, but other shooters approached him to sympathize with him, not knowing he will be contending with them.

The event was cancelled due to the World war 2. But his dream was not affected at all; He went and trained the more.

At age 38, Tackas participated in Olympics of 1948 which made him the oldest among the competitors.

Tackas battled hard with other contestants and miraculously won with a World record winning in the Olympics Pistol Shooting. All and still, Takacs did not sit back and celebrate, until he contested in 1952 Helsinki Olympics and won Gold medal again.

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His full name is Karoly Tackas, a great man indeed, who showed the world that failures are for those who are good in making and giving excuses. My friends, Tackas had every reason to sit and console himself as he lost his usual right hand. 

Excuses are for those who are too weak to against failure.

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