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How skinny or tight jeans are gradually damaging your health

Sad news:  Your loving pair of skinny jeans are damaging your back.

According to the new study by British Chiropractic Association, five fashion items might be doing damages to your back. Chiropractic disclosed that tight or skinny jeans is the highest of them all. followed by hooded coats, backless shoes and weighted bags.

Tim Hutchful, a chiropractor at BHA, expound that skinny jeans are a problem because they “restrict free movement in areas such as the hips and knees, affecting the way we hold our bodies.” And as posture is a big contributing factor to back pain, that tight denim could easily contribute to issues on the long run.

The new survey of 2,000 British men, skinny jeans increases the chances of twisted testicles, bladder weakness, urinary tract infections and other dangerous health problems.

A conducted research study by TENA men depicts that many celebrities, the likes of Russell Brand, Jude Law and Joey Essex, favor fashionable skinny jeans, and other 10% of men facing unpleasant adverse effect is caused by wearing skinny jeans.

Dr. Hilary Jones, TENA Brand Ambassador and campaign spokesperson, explained:

"Men who wear tight or ill-fitting trousers or underwear which is restrictive around the groin area could be damaging their health. Wearing tight-fitting clothing over a prolonged period of time can lead to unitary tract infections leading to over-activity of the bladder- a type of bladder weakness as well as a low sperm count and fungal infections.I have seen several cases of men who have twisted their testicles due to wearing jeans that are far too tight. My advice would be to make sure you leave plenty of room around the groin area and that your pants and trousers feel comfortable so you're not being restricted in any way. Please don't put style before health."

According to reports from the survey, 50% of men suffering from skinny jeans faces problematic groin discomfort, 1 in 5 men faces a twisted testicle and 25% faces bladder problems.

According to reports, 40% of men said that they will rather look fashionable, than to be comfortable, and the report shown that 3 in 10 are facing problems from skinny jeans.

James Coleman, 27, a sales executive in London has suffered bladder problems as a result of wearing skinny jeans. Coleman explains:

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"I bought my pair of skinny jeans because they were fashionable, I'd recently moved to London where every street feels like a catwalk so I wanted to look good. My friends used to joke I looked like something out of the Wanted or One Direction but I didn't take notice.
At first I didn't really have a problem and felt good wearing them but a couple of colleagues did comment on the fact they were skin tight and made my legs look ridiculously long. I then noticed they felt uncomfortable to wear, especially when sat down and put pressure against my bladder and stomach. I found myself going to the toilet more frequently than normal, which just became annoying. I didn't bother going to the doctors or anything because it's not something you want to admit - and it never occurred to me that it may have been caused by my skinny jeans.
Since moving to London I cycle more and I decided to finally ditch the jeans after I spilt a seam on the tube after bending down to pick up my Oyster card. And since reverting back to smarter, looser fitting jeans and trousers I've found the problem has gone away."