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9-year-old boy started a business to raise funds for his grandfather suffering cancer( read story)

This particular boy of age nine courageously opened a lemonade business outside his home in other to raise funds for his dying grandfather who suffered cancer. Happily, he made more than $5000.

The 9-year-old boy by the name Angel Reyes have been carrying out this business in Las Cruces, New Mexico, in other to gather enough money for his grandfather Richard Sanchez, suffering from third stage colon and rectal cancer.

His grandfather will certainly need chemotherapy after removing the nine-inch tumour.

The little 9-year-old boy who is still schooling wonderfully raised $5,025 through his gofundme.com with the help of his mother and uncle setting up makeshift stall.

“He just wants to help his grandpa in any way that he can, and for a nine-year-old, this is the best idea he could think of and I’m so proud of him for doing it,” his mother Chasity Sanchez said. 

His friend, Zane Vila, also 9-year-old equally gave $1000 cheque to Angel which Cancer Aid Resource & Education Inc. donated.

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According to Fox report, this particular event attracted much crowd in a way that the police had to support him get permit on his lemonade stand and stood by him.

Wonderfully, many visitors were actually flooding his stand to donate, not to buy.

He is a Hero!

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