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5 common characters of disliked people

Everyone wants to have acceptability. In marketing, career, workplace, politics, business and others: the level of likeness people have towards you determines the level of acceptance you possess. They are habits that can cause dislike on someone having it. Everyone wants to have someone he/she likes to be by the side. When you are not liked by majority, it will effect many things in a persons life. 1) you will hardly receive favor/help. 2) you may not receive acceptance to lead a group. 3) it may be hard for you to carry out public project, because people will not cooperate with you to the level at which success can be guaranteed. We need to talk about those habits in other to keep them aside:

1- Egotist:- Everyone may have some level of ego, but when it is pushed too often by you, it gives a bad view about you. Everyone wants to be shown some level of important and esteem. When people are not receiving that from you, but you are only talking about yourself and proving how better you are, it gives an awkward impression on you.

2- Always showing seriousness:- It is good to take your work, business, and career serious, but when you are often showing seriousness and not making out time to be flexible or social, it actually distance people from you. For ladies, it may scare suitors away from you.

3- Always dictating:- This is one thing that causes quarrels in relationships, offices and other platforms. When you don't give your employee, partner, friends, subjects the rightly audience, they will tag you as a dictator. Everyone deserves audience and opportunity to contribute, even though you might not follow their contribution. No one wants to be ordered totally by someone else.

4- Too secretive:- I am not saying you should be too open to share about your life. But, when people don't know about you, they won't see interesting things to like about you. People will love to state what they like about you and how much they know you to be that person they can tell of. Secondly, when you are not open and too secretive... it may be giving the impression that you don't trust others.

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5- Easily angered:- You might be so emotional with issues that concerns you, but getting angry with everyone that offends you will cause people to stay away from you. You might want to control yourself, or else people will tag you as being intimidating.

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