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5 Most relevant Things everyone must know before getting into Marriage

One of the mistake many people make is carrying the mindset of dating into relationship, and also carrying the mindset of relationship into marriage. One thing for sure, marriage is far different from relationship. There are too many deceptions in dating, and also many cover up and painting the relationship, but marriage unveils them all.

Marriage is traditional, legal, social and religiously ties to two families coming together to identify a particular union. In relationship, it is just the two of you, but in marriage it is a different story all together. That's one of the reasons of broken marriages and unhappiness in many homes. It is all because they didn't understand the total ideology of marriage. Quickly, lets get into knowing this important things:

1. Accepting each others flaws.

Having this wisdom will surely go a long way. If you are not perfect, you shouldn't expect your partner to be. You can never get all you want in a partner. But, love teaches you to tolerate those side flaws of your partner, because even you have yours.

2. Love is not all in marriage.

Yes!! the backbone of every marriage is love. Love can take the marriage to some certain level, but hard-work will keep it. You can not have a perfect home without working towards it. It all about coming together and realizing it takes the two of you to be one.

3. You are not only married to your partner

That is why it is called marriage. Your partner will not push away his/her family members because of you. From time to time, you will have to receive visitors from your spouses family. They can even owe you to some responsibilities, because you are now part of the family. Maybe you need to remember that they can influence the marriage positively or negatively. So, it means you need to apply applicable wisdom in dealing with them.

4. Its no more about you.

When they say the union of two persons coming together as one, it means you are the half of your spouse. You won't be thinking about yourself alone. You should understand that you must plan, think and strategize together with your spouse. You should advice each other and share common ideas. Also letting out things that needs to be told of you.

5. Marriage is a different ball game entirely

You can only know the true color of a person when you live, lay in same bed and wake up together day after day. Many secrets can be revealed and many taboos will erupt, but you need to understand the reason it is called marriage. One thing for know, let God drive your marriage. If God be the driver, you can be sure of it direction.

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