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4 Foolish Things You Should Never Be found Doing

Sometimes, in life, we find ourselves doing what we ought not to be doing. Maybe, because we don't lack wise friends around us or something else like that. We are not perfect as God is, God gave us the ability to grow in our reasoning. So, from time to time we make amendments and reposition ourselves rightly and wisely. There are some things you should not be found doing at any time. Lets go on to know them briefly:

1. Seeing yourself as a small boy or girl in money making.

This is one thing to really talk about. Few days back, a guy of his 20's boldly said to me, "even though i have not yet made money, i am still a small boy". I tried talking him up, yet he carried on with his believe. My friends, that's one of the reasons of limitations many youths are having in our world today. They carry on with that mindset and sometimes, some parents don't help matters. Have you heard of EvanTube before? a YouTube channel launched by an 8-year-old boy called Evan, of which he makes up to a million dollars yearly. 

If you can think for yourself, you are fit to make big money.

2.  Always trying to please everyone.

That is one foolish thing some people try to do, and by that, they waste their time doing unprofitable things. As a reasonable being you are, you need to make some decisions that will not certainly play well with some people. And everyone must not like your decision, or will buy to your own life ideas. 

If you must please all, then you can not please yourself and live happily.

3. Making everyone to like you.

Everyone who doesn't have enemies must be a useless person. That's one thing that makes life interesting: To know you must work to your own direction. Stop thinking about those people who don't like you, it's time and energy consuming. 

If you are expecting everyone to like you, then your life must be an illusion.

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4. Thinking you don't need God.

My friends, if God did not create you, you will certainly not be found anywhere. You need God to live, work, and prosper financially and in health.

In God, you have all.

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