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19 Habits of a Unique Gentleman

Any man can claim to be a gentleman. You can manipulate the aroma of a food, but the taste will depict it uniqueness. In this write-up, we shall unveil the true characters of a unique gentleman. Is there anything like a gentlewoman? In the next article we shall find out. Before then, enjoy the unveiling truths to know:

1. He doesn't boost of himself, instead he allows his accomplishments do the talking:- A unique gentleman is not proud. He is not a man of much words, but a man of much proof. He understands life.

2. A unique Gentleman is well read and informed:- He understands the importance of being educated. He is always in search of knowledge, because he understands that knowledge makes him stand tall. I don't mean having a degree -- I also don't mean being a graduate. I mean accumulating the wisdom of life which is not found in schools, but in life experiences and lessons. That can be found in books and other platforms, outside the four corners of school.

3. A Unique Gentleman respects a woman:- This is one of the most important character of a unique gentleman. He understands that every woman needs to be respected.

4. A Unique Gentleman is a good listener:- He always allow you to make your point while he listens carefully. He is good at having a smooth conversation.

5. A Unique Gentleman keeps good hygiene:- He understands the necessity of having a good healthy life. He keeps his environment clean.

6. A Unique Gentleman works with his time:- Working with time is having an accurate schedule. He respects and understands the important of time.

7. A Unique Gentleman don't compromise work for pleasure:- He understands there is time for everything. He is serious minded. He respects his job.

8. A Unique Gentleman respects everyone:- A unique gentleman understands that everyone is unique in his/her own way.

9. He loves to smile:- No doubt, smile sends a beautiful message. Also paints a beautiful picture. This, you will find in a gentleman.

10. He Keeps his words:- That's what a unique gentleman does. You can 
actually trust his word. He keeps a good personality and reputation.

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11. He doesn't insult anyone:- You will never see him exchange words with anyone. He understands it's a waste of time.

12. He always say "Thanks", "I'm sorry" and "Please":- It shows the level of his humbleness. It only takes a humble mind to say those things.

13. He never takes things by-force or deprive anyone freedom:- He gives everyone the opportunity to express themselves. He never tries to put limits in a persons life.

14. He is romantic:- He makes his woman to always feel like a queen in the hands of a king.

15. He stays away from gossip:- He keeps away from such time-consuming nonsense. He minds his own business.

16. He is not easily angered:- He is slow to anger. He understands we are not perfect. He tries to overlook people's mistake.

17. He always tries to look good and neat:- He is fashionable and has a unique dress style. 

18. He will never beat a woman:- The last thing he will ever do is to beat a woman. He is not a beast. Instead, he protects the woman.

19. He keeps his calm:- You will always find him cool. He is not loud with things. You will never hear his voice on the streets.

Add the number 20 yourself.

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