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16 Characteristics of an Unusual Gentlewoman

In as much as beauty hides some characters in a woman, men will always want a woman that will give them less burden. We can actually find that in an unusually woman. Perfection is for the gods, but we should strive to be, by having a continuous re-addressing of our characters. Ladies who spend time looking for a gentleman man should first examine themselves, if they suit a gentleman. Enjoy yourself with this piece of write-up:

1. She is dependable:- As a woman of reputation, she can be trusted with some issues. She can be trusted with secrets.

2. She is hardworking:- She understands the importance of being active and productive. She doesn't like being idle.
3. She is wise:- She's the kind of woman that can give good advise. Even men will seek advise from her, because of her wisdom. she handles issues and situations sagaciously.

4. She dresses Properly and beautiful:- Men will always address a woman with the way she's dressed. Men can easily notice a woman who dresses properly and beautiful to be different from others. They will easily understand she dignifies her body and she is not like other girls.

5. She is learned:- She knows her left to her right. She understands the values of life and adorn herself with knowledge.

6. She's not saucy:- Even as she may stand for what is rightly hers, she will not do that with insults or causes. She understands everyone deserves respect.

7. She has self-confident:- She believes in herself and is not intimidated. She stands for what is rightly hers with boldness.

8. she is independent:- She doesn't make men as her pulse. Because she respects herself and demands respect. She works for what she wants and is contented with what she possess. 

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9. She is polite:- She talks in a well-mannered way.

10. She minds her business:- You will never see her in the midst of gossipers. She respects people's private life.

11. She has a good heart:- She is accommodating and generous.

12. She earns respect from men:- In life, men always have special respect for a woman of virtue and value. 

13. She fears and love God:- She makes God her first love.

14. She keeps only one man by her side:- She is not loosed. She knows what love is all about. 

15. She doesn't give in to the fantasies of lust:- She knows the right time for s*x. She wants a man by her side, but in a proper way of marriage.

16. She always wear a smile

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