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15-Year-Old Boy who Sacrificed His Life To Save Thousands From A Suicide Bomber

Aitzaz Hasan is his name. A boy that saved thousands of lives in his school by confronting a suicide bomber, even after his friends ran away. He was born 1998 and died at age 15.

He was outside his school for coming late, while assembly was going on, also with two other friends. The suspected suicide bomber approached the school gate of Government High School, Ibrahimzai, in Hangu, Pakistan as one of his friends spotted a detonator on his vest and they ran away. It was Hasan that had the courage to confront the 20 to 25-year-old man and held him from the back which he finally succeeded, but later died in the hospital.

The 15-year-old Hasan got many awards and honors after his death. The first was 'medal of hero' as it was given to him by Pakistani chief of Army staff.

He is truly a HERO!

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