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You are Engulfed by the Walls you built

Walls are built for so many reasons, but the most important message about every wall that is being built is the sign of limit a person can go and this can be implied to life.

I have written many articles about life, even as a youth, and i am so passionate about the wisdom that implies in our every day activities we as humans engage ourselves to. Life is interesting to those who have found the true meaning of living and wisdom attached to the productivity of living.

I went to a dental clinic for teeth operation last month. The doctor and i went into discussing about how most wealthy Africans spend extravagantly on luxurious lifestyle and he was bitterly mad at them -­­--hey! it's their money. Sadly, he said he can't be rich with his dental business. Now he has already built a wall around his mind that he can't be rich through his profession and dental clinic, and with such mindset, he can't go beyond his perceptional mind or progress beyond his current business level.

In life, there are no restrictions, except the one you imply. There is no limitation to what you can become in life. limitation is a prison guard. Those that set rules are those who live by the norms of life; that follows the routine of going to school, graduate with first class and get a security life with a paying job. 

Unfortunately, we are in this part of the world where job opportunities are too limited and have caused many unemployed persons to fall into the ocean of confusion.

The joy of life is the advancing journey you attain progressively breaking boundaries.

Life itself is a journey; a progressive one. There are men who have become more attaining in life than their pairs; who utilized opportunities, created some and yet seek more. There are also men who have not set limits in their minds to what they can achieve. 

The height of a man's productivity is the growth of his limitless mind.

The advancement of man's productivity can also die by his limited mind. Every day comes with newness, fresh opportunities, fresh abilities and self-improvement skills; but a man of yesterday only thinks confinee.

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Many people are where they are today because of their failure to take on the new day with high expectation of improvement. New things are innovated every day: think of the computer revolutions to it first inventions. You can not afford to always do something as it was always done. Try something new; make something new; seek something new.

I know of a woman that started selling bake bean(moi-moi) in a particular school gate, and from a single cooler quantity she grew her business to a big registration company selling bake bean. They are other people of similar success story i know as well that didn't end small.

There are businesses that looks common and poor, but they are yet people who have exceeded the boundaries of perception and made fortune out of it. Again, we would both agree that they are big dental clinics out there making wealth massively.

Many people are currently poor with the walls built around their minds and have so limited themselves to what they can become in life.

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