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The World In You

Just as the tree needs the ground, the seed needs the rain to be fertile, so the world needs you. All was created for you. it was made for you to make the best out of it. The resources are there to be utilized by you. 

The waters, soil, trees, air, and others was made for you to use out of it to created and make the better of them. Iron is one of the major material for producing automobile products and men who have determined to make the world a better place have greatly utilized that particular resource to make life better.

What can you make of yourself that the world at large greatly needs? Steve jobs changed the world with his computing device and it have been greatly accepted. Sometimes, the most important thing you can do for yourself is to discover how you can help the world. The greatness of a man is determine by the lives he has helpfully improved.



The best you can do for the world is to use your gift to promote better life and by that, receiving the reward of greatness. Grow in your knowledge: the beauty of knowledge is the depth of your insight.

Improve yourself and make sure you learn everyday. No man is a pillar of knowledge, for the world is filled with scattered knowledge. The level of research and discovery you make determines the height of knowledge you attain.

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Imagine that great inventions never occurred, the world would have been awkwardly unfulfilling. Time is destroyed by the emptiness of productivity, for you can only loose time. Remember, time can never work things out except you work it out. Your dream and plan is not enough until your efforts speak.

You may not be a technician or scientist, but your productive and implementable idea can change the world. The world needs you to be wise and creative, strong and striving, focus and disciplined, in other to actualize your dream.

Be passionate about life.

Thank you.
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